get your ass kicked

i am finding that getting my ass kicked once in a while is good for me.  i am talking about life in the dojo again.  what a trip.  you pay money to literally get your ass kicked by the sensei.  at first i was scared shitless –i mean who wants to get punched in the face (of course with face protection on).  it freaks you out the first time and gives you flashbacks of 8th grade.  but as your time progresses in the dojo, you learn to accept it and actually start liking it.  this i believe is experiencing evolution real-time.  because if you remain scared shitless, you will in fact not progress in the arts of karate.  you need to embrace the ass-whipping!  that is what i did last night in the weekly ass kicking –and guess what–it worked–i enjoyed the whole thing. who would have thought that getting your ass kicked would be so much fun.  i mean the music is cranking and you and the master are going at it –he is trying to teach you and kick your ass at the same time–wild experience.  i feel more alive after this ritual and now realize that if i am ever going to reach black belt, i first need to embrace the ass kicking.  i am also sure this is not new info for boxers, etc –but to learn this first hand is pretty cool.  go join a dojo and get your ass kicked on a regular basis –quite liberating!  thanks sensei

the tone

we think of things and we want to make change.  we say we will change and we start off the next day in the change mode.  we don’t want to go back to a negative tone, we want to stay in the positive tone.  but, events kick in, the daily routine kicks in –life challenges your new tone and then you suddenly revert back to the old tone or the tone you usually follow.  but if the current tone is not working to create a positive flow in your life –you must change it or future results will not be good.  you can make change if you stop to think and not react as you always do.  set the positive tone in your house and with your family –the way you act now with the kids will set their tone for life –so be careful in the tone you set in the house.  these kids are soaking it all in and if you are constantly rushing around and always barking orders, it will be detrimental to the tone set in the house and the tone your kids set in their houses, etc.  you have a powerful position of influence that can affect generations –so set the positive tone in the house and do not let outside events alter the positive tone.  maintain a consistent tone –it will make all the difference.