time for failure

we hear about failure all the time.  we hear that you will fail at some point in your life.  we hear that failure is good for you.  we hear that you need to fail to get ahead – reach your goals – to ultimately succeed.  what a bunch of BS.  why do we want to fail.  why do we have to fail.  why do we embrace failure.  because we don’t have a choice.  failure is human nature.  we must fail.  we will fail.  if we know we are going to fail at some time, what do we do?  do we look for failure?  do we search for failure?  no.  what we do is recognize that there is a time for failure and we simply keep an eye out for it.  one day you will wake up and you will know that failure is near.  if this is true, then you need to prepare for failure.  you need to accept failure.  you need to embrace failure.  you need to complete the failure.  you need to finish the failure and move on.  you can’t let failure linger.  you must move quickly.  you must fail quickly.  you must recognize failure and you must act on that failure.  it is time for you to fail.  so go ahead and fail.  don’t delay failure.  be brave and fail so that you can move on and succeed.

new achievements

a funny thing happened on the way to my death – i discovered new things to do and i discovered new achievements and i discovered new feelings of satisfaction.  wow, life is certainly full of surprises – and we all start to know that fact as we grow older.  but, we also start to think that we should never be surprised by anything – as we see more and more things happen that we were not expecting.  from the world view, this is true – we see triumph and tragedy every day in different ways – so we become used to the unexpected.  but, on a personal level, in our own lives, we can still be amazed, wowed and excited.  we all get into our daily routines, our daily interactions, our daily exercises, the sports we are used to playing, doing, etc. – and we don’t think about trying something new – we are content in our routines.  but on a rare occasion we try a new sport or a sport we used to play as a kid.  one thing leads to another and we find ourselves on a team for this sport – mostly for the camaraderie, the friendship aspect.  and this provides some new experiences, some new connections.  but then we find ourselves in a competitive game and we find ourselves digging deep to compete and possibly win this game – with our teammates – and when we do win a tight game – with a renewed effort, a renewed vigor – we feel a new type of satisfaction that we have not felt in awhile – it is a rush – it is a thrill – it is something we were not expecting and it makes life richer and fuller – and it reminds us why we are on this earth – to live!  so if you feel something or someone pulling you in a new direction to get involved in something new, something renewed, something positive – say yes once in awhile – you might be surprised that there is something beyond the routine – that there are moments of exhilaration that you don’t want to miss out on.

lesson learned

every experience brings a lesson.  that lesson can slowly creep into your mind or it might come in a flash.  the key is to know the lesson learned.  when you wake up one day and say i know the lesson i am suppose to learn from this experience – then all is good.  you then know why you were put in this job or put in this situation – to learn this lesson.  and once you have learned that lesson, your time has been well spent – even if the experience did not end in success.  this experience was never going to end in the traditional definition of success.  but in reality, you did succeed because a lesson was placed there for you to discover and learn from – and if you did discover that lesson and you did learn from that lesson – then you have accomplished your mission for the experience, event, job, etc.  you can then take what you learned from that lesson and apply it to real life – to ultimately make you a better person – to make you understand yourself even more – to understand how to survive and thrive in this world – to help you interact with others in a better way.  if you fail at something, then you were meant to fail – and the main goal was not failure or success – but did you learn the key lesson.  don’t leave the failure behind until you have learned the key lesson and are ready to apply what you learned.  only then will you realize that every experience has a meaning – and that understanding that meaning is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

focus on your value

don’t focus on trying to do all the jobs.  focus on the value you bring to the process.  don’t get jealous of others coming in and taking over other areas of the value chain.  be happy that they are contributing to the overall goal – their presence should not affect you – keep calm, keep your cool.  don’t let it defeat you, don’t let it get to you – this is a big test in your life – do not quit – keep pushing and learn from this new challenge.  do your job and leave the emotion out.  remember, this is a marathon – don’t make rash decisions – don’t panic.  you must control your emotions.  you must keep working.  keep your head down and let the actions speak for you.  it is not always going to be how you want it – there will always be things you have to do that you don’t want to do.  just do them and do them at the highest level.  you will be judged by the work you do in your area – and the ultimate end result of that work.  the longer you work at it and don’t quit – the better chance you have to reach the goal – but it won’t be easy.  this could be the time that you finally have to do things you don’t want to do and work with people you don’t want to work with – this is the ultimate challenge.  can you do this day after day without giving up.  this is the ultimate question.  if you get through this, then you will know what work is and what success is.  you must keep focused on the value you bring.  you would not be there if you did not have value.  fake it until you make it also means faking how you feel – not just faking what you know.  if you can fake how you feel, then you can truly reach greater heights.  you must not give up now – this is the challenge you have been waiting for.  you must meet it and accept what it brings,  you can do this.  if you cannot do this, then you will lose control of your destiny.