every decision you make

is damn important.  every decision you make now will inevitably be the answer to a question in the future –so make wise decisions.  the key is to make sure that you like the answer and that is signifies a pattern of no regrets because many decisions only happen during certain times.  for example –if you do not choose to get a family dog when the kids are young –then you miss out on that experience that you can only get when the kids are young –having your kids grow up with a dog.  one day the question will come up from your kids –“how come we did not have a dog growing up?”  the answer will not be the one you like –why didn’t you?  make those decisions carefully so you do like the answers in the future.

dying young

what a pain in the ass.  what a bitch.  what a bastard.  you are a good person –probably better than most –and nicer than most too.  you don’t call people names and everyone likes you.  you have a great family –better than most –always there supporting each other.  everyone who hears your name –smiles –because they like you –no reason not to –you have been nothing but nice and supportive to them.  you are a good person.  you have a beautiful, young family –you have it all.  then one day you wake up and none of this matters anymore.  you have cancer and you are going to die.  you are going to leave your young family –you are going to leave a huge void in the lives of everyone that knows you.  your loss will change the lives of others –many for the worse.  you won’t be there for your kids or your wife –they will have to learn to grow up without you.  it is all a bunch of BS.  why do you get screwed like this?  you were the nicest guy –now you get screwed.  life is not fair–we all know it –and most of it is luck.  it’s all bullshit.  you have this perfect family tree growing stronger with each generation –and then BOOM! –here is a big hole in the whole thing –everyone is screwed –especially the kids –what a bunch of BS–that is all i can say.  what else is there to say?

be nicer

you know–i need to be nicer and i need to stop yelling at my kids all the time –well i don’t do it all the time–but in times of rushing around–i tend to bark at the kids –“sit down” – “eat your breakfast” –“stop fighting”.  the trigger gets pulled all the time and i react the same way and now you can see that they are used to it –they are becoming immune to it on the outside–but it is probably doing damage on the inside.  but we are a very vocal family –loud and yelling a bit here and there –we all do it a bit.  so we need to chill out a bit –and i need to stop yelling so much on everyday frustrations that are really no big deal –i need to be nicer and i need to stop crying over spilt milk –because if i don’t –then the kids could be a bit mean and pushy when they get older –and i don’t want that.