everything but

riches.  if you have everything but riches.  if you have everything but wealth.  if you have everything but financial security.  if you have everything but you have debt.  if you have everything but peace of mind.  if you have everything but you have worries.  if you have everything but you have doubt.  if you have everything but you have an uncertain future.  if you have everything but you have bills.  if you have everything but not enough savings.  if you have everything but not enough money for retirement.  if you have everything but not enough money to move to a bigger house.  if you have everything but not enough money for an expensive car.  if you have everything but not enough money for name brand clothes.  if you have everything but not enough money for elaborate trips.  if you have everything but not enough money to stop working.  if you have everything but not enough money to join a country club.  if you have everything but not enough money to remodel your house.  if you have everything but you always have to worry about money – then you have everything you will ever need and you are very lucky.  if not getting rich is the worst thing that ever happens to you – then you struck the life lottery.  congrats!

be calm

always.  being calm is a state of mind.  being calm is a way of life.  being calm is one of the hardest things to master in life.  one might never reach a state of complete calmness, but one should always strive to reach this state.  even when you are striving you will practice being more calm.  to remain calm under all circumstances is to allow the events play out in life they way they are meant to be played out.  to remain calm is to admit that your destiny is already planned and that to remain anything but calm is a mistake that you must try to correct.  you must be calm in the storms of life.  no matter what goes on around you, no matter how hopeless things can seem, no matter if you appear to be going nowhere, no matter if you doubt what you are doing, no matter if you don’t understand why things are happening or not happening the way you thought they would happen – you must remain calm.  you must think about this all the time so that it becomes second nature.  you must keep moving and you must remain calm while you keep moving through life.  to be calm on the inside will allow you to appear calm on the outside.  others will approach you and they will try to upset your state of being calm.  this will be the main challenge to your efforts to remain calm.  you must then be as calm as you can ever wish to be.  you must take things in stride and trust the bigger picture that is in motion.  it is easy to remain calm when you are alone in a room.  the hard part is to remain calm when others come into your orbit.  if you can remain calm when challenged by others, then you can get closer to the state of complete calmness.  practice being calm and be ready for the challenges to come – because they will come.  your state of being calm determines your whole direction in life.

grouchy when older

no one knows what a person has gone through in life except that person.  when you come across an older person and that person is grouchy you wonder why are they grouchy.  you might know some things about that person and this will give you an idea of why they might be grouchy when they are older.  this person is obviously unhappy and they have seen their life as not going the way they wanted or expected.  they then become grouchy all of the time and it affects the people around them.  but because they are older, you let most of it go.  but it does start to put a lasting stain on all of the good memories you have had with that person over the years.  you try to talk to them – to tell them to not worry so much and to enjoy the time they have left.  but in reality you can’t convince them to be happy – there is no use in trying because their mind is already set into being sad, upset, worrisome and grouchy.  they might be happy here and there but it is too late to change their mindset – it has been in the making for decades and has now come out to the world as grouchy.  it is sad to see but you can’t really do anything about it except hold your tongue and try not to agitate them.  you can also learn from them.  this is a lesson to you – that if you are lucky to reach the ripe old age that they have reached remember to not be grouchy – to not diminish all the strong family relationships you have in place – and have worked so hard at over the years.  don’t be that grouch.  enjoy your loved ones and stop feeling sorry for yourself and thinking about only you all the time.  think about the younger people in your family and be happy for them.  stop being selfish and stop being grouchy.  stop it right now before it is too late.

now and later

there are so many things in life that are obvious and so many things that are not obvious.  one thing that is obvious and overstated is that we have to live in the moment- we have to live now and not live for what we want to happen in the future.  this is because we are only capable of living now and we better live now because we don’t know when now will end – and not knowing when now will end only makes living in the now even more important. so with that understanding – I want to put one more layer on top.  it is simply this – live in the now like there is no tomorrow, but still keep your dreams of the future alive – don’t let those hopes/wishes/ideas go – you need them to carry on anyway.  only know that one day your future dreams may connect with the life you are living today.  that connection could happen and then you could feel complete – you could feel fulfilled.  or that connection might not happen, but you could still feel good about the life you have lived because you chose to live for the moment and not live for the future.  so either way – whether you connect the present with the future or you do not – just live for today and the result will still be good.