stop yelling

stop yelling at the kids and stop yelling at your spouse.  this will only create issues for you and your kids and your spouse throughout their lives.  it does not get you anywhere.  be calm and speak calmly in a heated situation –which most of the time is not even worth being heated.  it is only heated because you started yelling.  it is unfortunate that we do seem to have short fuses and we take it out on our loved ones because they are not doing what you want them to do.  take a chill pill.  everything does not revolve around you.  life keeps us moving fast and we tend to react fast to even the smallest things.  we want fast results, we want fast action.  so we yell.  and we think yelling will get the point out faster or make that person move faster.  end result is no good.  stop yelling.  better yet –tell yourself to stop yelling before you do start to yell. thanks.

forget the green grass

be grateful for what you have.  stop wishing for what they have.  look at what you have and see that what you have is great.  you are lucky.  yes, you have had some bad luck.  yes, the path has not been all roses.  yes, you did not strike it rich.  yes, you are not the most popular person to everyone.   yes, you have insecurities that drive you crazy.  yes, you are not perfect.  yes, you worry about what others think about you.  yes, you want to please everyone.  yes, you hate getting old and you hate seeing your kids getting old.  but guess what?  you have it pretty good.  you are alive,  you are still young enough where health issues are not a problem.  you might be lucky enough to have a family.  if you are, then this is the main reason to stop bitching and start thanking.  be happy for the little things that you have and for the fleeting moments that you have with your family.  cherish the nights with them, cherish the days with them.  you have friends too –be happy for that.  stop looking at the material world and saying “i want that”.  you have everything you need already –be happy with that.  tell your mind to stop.  yes, you want more success and yes, you want more money –but it will all come if you are patient.  stop thinking about how you want things to be and be happy with how things are.  you can’t please everyone –so let them deal with that fact.   just be happy –if you can.