no need for failure

laid-off, unemployed, kicked in the gut, thrown down –WTF, right? no, not right –this is not failure–this is a wake up call. you were done this way because it was time for a change. you did that job and now it is time for new challenges. wake up and smile because you just got a new life–have a beer, talk a run, have fun with the kids–be grateful that you were shaken from that deep sleep we call daily routine. this will get you to think more, this will get to to do more, this will make you stop and smell the roses. do you see it!! it is not failure, it is success–it is life–it is change that is needed to grow and push harder. it will make that long off day on the beach of retirement–a day to smile, because you were thrown down and you lived a better life because of it….no need for failure

transition table

in case you haven’t noticed–i am going through a transition. i got laid off in this lovely recession after a great 5 year run at an internet company –so i am unemployed and going through a transition. i got this table i have been working on -sanding it, staining it, sanding again, etc.–i started working on it when i was in employment bliss–completely ignorant of the axe coming to chop me, and at that time the table had little significance. but now, after the chop and the shock and the transition period covering my life now–oh–the table is now a symbol of this transition –i nurture it, i put on multiple coats, i give it much more attention than when i was in employment bliss. this table will help me get through the transition and the transition will help me create a better table –thus helping to create a better life in regards to my next move… go find your transition table –whether it be an actual table or a an exercise program or a blog..

feeling it

oh, i am starting to feel it. and it is life. life is good–even though i am unemployed, even though my bills are skyrocketing, even though i am getting middle-aged –life is still good. why? because it is bloody life and we only got one of them. you can still drink, you can still eat, you can still laugh, you can still sleep (maybe), you can still shit –it all feels good and i am feeling it –are you?

riding the bike

yeah–went for a ride –getting back on the bike after being knocked down on my ass. but i can get back on, even in this new world –i can find a new place, i can adapt to change, i can make things happen, i can get it done. we are not supposed to glide through life unaffected–we are supposed to be knocked down, we are supposed to get back on the bike–we are supposed to feel the pain–we are supposed to be shocked –what a painful process -but it is a necessity to growing and achieving what you want in life. i am riding the bike, i am learning to be hungry again…i am…

stripped naked

that is what happens when you get laid off –when you have 3 kids and a wife that depend on you –when you cry your eyes out, knowing that the climb to the top will now be harder–that you must start over–that you are one of the unemployed pack–that you must fight to stay alive–to help your family have the best life. you are only a # and you are treated as such –you are completely stripped naked in front of your friends and in front of your neighbors –they now know all your secrets–you are not keeping up with the joneses –you have fallen behind…such is life–such is a naked life….

the pressure

oh the pressure…it is a bitch and it hits every time you have a major decision to make. which path will you take? is it the right one? there is no way to know. you must weigh the options and the problems that could arise from each choice that you make. how can anyone know which way to go? the answer is simple. you don’t know and you never will until you make the decision. so, you must take the facts you got and make that decision…oh the pressure–have a drink and relax a few extra minutes before you put your ass on the line –if it ain’t health related, you’ll live


the whole thing is a cliche –yes, it repeats itself, yes, it runs in cycles, yes, you need to study it as a guide for the future. people hate history–they think it is dusty and boring and blah, blah, blah –BUT, it ain’t any of that at all. it is the most important shit that you need to know, because if you don’t, then you will keep stepping in the shit –get it? the problem is that there is so much of it, and it is hard to weed through it–to get what you want and often times you need to know all of it or at least the trends to make use of it –this is a dilemma that needs to be solved –you need this historical perspective –but how do you get it? –that is the question….need to think on this


you’re in one–it’s called life and yes this is a cliche –but it works because it is true. if you don’t see life as a marathon, then you’re in trouble –you need to see down the road and find a point here and here –then work towards that point –each day is a stride and each stride gets you there. the trouble is you are impatient –we all are and it gets in the way of our stride and our goals –you don’t see it as a marathon, so you don’t look back to see where you came from and you don’t look forward to see where you are going –you need to think like this to have purpose and to have relief from the daily guilt of life– more later…keep running


i will use them because they work –there will be original thought too, but if you don’t like clichés, start liking them or move on –they help create foundations to thought and I’m using them!

the rat race

oh it is a rat race –we get in our cars every day and we drive an hour to work –we go through tunnels, we pay tolls, we listen to the same radio shows, we want to bash our hands through the steering wheel when traffic bogs down–we scream f this and f that at the traffic and the cars–we flick people off –we get home after dark and leave in the morning when it is dark -we warm up our cars for 20 minutes before we get in –scrambling to the car to turn it on, then scrambling back to our cave–though the solace is in the drive –then we wake up and arrive at work–same people, same work, SOSDD –we can’t get off this treadmill –got to keep the money coming in…oh what a rat race–it is all we know