stop recording my life

facebook!  who gave you permission to record my life?  who are you?  how did you get involved in my life?  you act as a meeting place where friends and family can gather.  you put up the front of being a familiar place -like my old high school, my old neighborhood, my old house –so very comfortable and soothing.  this is all a front to record my life and pull me in to present my life to my friends and family–but also to you.  you are watching my every move.  you are recording my every moment.  you are now in my life and are actually recording my life.  stop recording my life.  you should not be recording my life.  who gave you permission?  because i use your platform to talk to friends, you think you can take my data and record it back to me.  i will record my own life and i will leave my own mark the way i want to leave it.  i will not conform the story of my life to your parameters.  where is the button to turn off this “timeline” thing?  this is your master plan.  gather, gather, gather –then publish my life and billions of others.  get out of our lives and stop recording now — pause the program.

don’t talk about others

you know we all do it.  but when we do it, we reveal a part of ourselves that most don’t know about.  people would be shocked to hear what you have to say about them behind closed doors.  but the reality is you are doing yourself a disservice in the process.  you are letting yourself down by saying mean things about others and then being nice to their face.  you need to make both experiences the same – do not have conflicting thoughts about a person.   imagine this…… you say something about someone and then immediately think that person heard you.  you then panic and think –“what an ass i am” –but are you saying that about yourself because you think you are caught and now your other self will be revealed.  you are acting selfishly because if you did not think you were caught, you would go on as normal –still talking shit about people.  so–you feel bad and you say you will change.  but it turns out the person did not hear and you can still keep your other thoughts a secret.  you can go back to your old ways of talking shit….and most of the time you do.  but you shouldn’t –this should be viewed as a close call and a warning to stop this BS.  so, stop talking shit and bite your tongue once in a while.  get in this habit of not talking about others so much and it will make everything more positive.

get hands dirty

you must get your hands dirty to accomplish anything in this world.  in other words –stop standing around waiting for others to do the job –because they won’t.  you must get in there and make it happen.  you must do the small jobs on your own and not delegate others to do it –because they won’t.  if you start a job and then come up with a plan –and then do not do the things that the plan requires –you will fail.  you must get in there and do every little thing that the plan requires.  don’t be someone who draws up a plan and then expects others to do the plan.  you must do the plan.  you must get your hands dirty.  yes, it is tedious work.  yes, you believe that you have reached a point in your career where you don’t need to get your hands dirty anymore.  wrong!  if you are the ceo and shit needs to be done –then do it.  just keep doing what you have to do to succeed.  at the end of the day –if you want to keep getting paid –you must find a way to get things done.  if this requires you to get your hands dirty over and over –just do it.  waiting for someone else will lead to your failure.  get your hands dirty –end of story.  oh–and don’t complain so much.  this is just another attempt to avoid getting your hands dirty.  another way to failure.