there is something very interesting about staying at a company until the main task is complete.  most people will say you should leave if you are not happy or the pay is too low or the people are not that great.  but what if you looked past all of that and you just stayed.  and if by staying you helped get the company to the finish line…eventually.  you helped the company finish the job because you stayed.  by staying somewhere and not giving up – you succeeded – and that is very interesting.  it is the old concept of if you just stay and keep showing up and keep working – then you will ultimately succeed – and build a strong resolve in the process.  isn’t that what life is all about – not giving up on something because you are not always happy.  if we can all do this a bit more, we can get to our goals.  at the end of the day, you won’t remember the pain or the heartache you suffered over the years – you will only remember that you stayed and you won in the end – and this helps you satisfy yourself and this helps you reflect in a positive way and this helps you go easier into the final phase of your life.  think about the concept of just staying where you are and never giving up until they close the doors or you reach your goal.

final loop

coworkers come and go – it is a fact of life and a natural flow of life.  in your career, you meet good people, bad people, people you become friends with, people you don’t become friends with – this is all part of work life.  in the cycle, there is always a time when a coworker moves on or when you move on – this is what i call the final loop with a coworker.  you have shared good times, but now those times are over.  you have your final conversation, your final lunch, your final project together, your final walk, your final loop.  you might feel sad or empty when that person leaves or when you leave.  you might look around the office and feel lonely – like there is no one left to talk to, no one left to relate with.  but this is a part of life – saying good-bye to people you might never see again.  you must move on and re-focus and dig deeper into your work.  more folks will come along or you will also move along.  take a minute to reflect about the co-worker or about your experience at the job – and move on.  like anything, don’t live in the past.  do your final loop and look to the future again.  this is what you must do.


you must say you are sorry to loved ones very quickly.  do not wait to say you are sorry if you did something wrong.  it will only cause more damage to the situation and could possibly do long term damage to the relationship.  your gut is pushing you to say you are sorry – that is why saying sorry even came into your mind.  you know that you did something wrong – you were mean – you said mean things – you put someone down – you opened your mouth when you should have kept it closed.  you walked out the door and you knew immediately that you were wrong – your gut started to bombard you with thoughts of guilt – you were wrong and you need to say you are sorry immediately – send a note, make a call – just do it.  why wait around for it to fade away.  help you and the situation and say you are sorry.  you have done this so many times – you have made many mistakes.  you need to say you are sorry to your loved one and you need to try and learn not to do this again.  don’t push those buttons every time – let it go – don’t go there – don’t be mean.  now say you are sorry and learn from this.


some people you click with and some people you don’t.  it is really that simple.  but we always try to figure out why we don’t click with someone and we try to click with them.  we try to reach out to them, we try to include them, we try to invite them, we try to talk to them, we try everything to click because we don’t want to believe that we don’t click with this person.  we want to be their friend.  we want to get along with them.  we do all of this because we come in contact with them through friends, relatives, etc.  we even blame ourselves for not clicking.  why don’t we click with this person.  what is wrong with me.  i should be nicer, i should try harder, i should talk to this person more.  but the reality is we will never click with this person.  you either click with people or you don’t.  and if you don’t, then move on.  stop trying, stop wasting your time – there is no click, there is no friendship.  it is not your fault.  it is not their fault.  it is no one’s fault.  you don’t click, move on.  get this in your head – you will not click with everyone – it is impossible.  just be cordial the next time you see them – don’t hold a grudge because you didn’t click – they did nothing wrong but be who they are – and they click with other people – but not you.  move on.

it doesn’t matter

so don’t sweat it.  sometimes you debate what you are going to do today or what choice you have to make or what decision you have to make.  but it doesn’t matter because whatever you are supposed to do will happen exactly the way it is supposed to happen.  in other words – you already know what you are going to do or what decision you are going to make – these things have already been decided by you and your gut.  when you hear about an event and you start to think about if you will go – the second you hear about it – you have instantaneously made your decision.  your gut already knows yes or no – and you immediately know yes or no – you hear the answer in the back of your mind – but most of the time you blow right past it and you start debating yes or no – you go through this whole drawn out process – should i go or should i not go.  stop stressing on these decisions because your gut already gave you the answer – so just take that answer and don’t sweat the results because your gut knows what is the right choice and what is the wrong choice.  and by knowing this simple fact – you will save yourself unnecessary stress in life – and you will worry less about 1 more area in your life -and you will soon know that what you miss or what others think about your choices doesn’t matter in life.  what matters is what is in front of you right here and right now – and who the important people are in your life -and the time you spend with them – because at the end of the day and at the end of your life – that’s all you got and that’s all you ever really had.

hang in there

you have to hang in there even when you don’t want to.  you have to put aside all negative feelings and just do your job.  you have to do things in life that you don’t want to do at the time.  this is what is on your table right now – so smile and do it.  to keep things on track, you have to bite your tongue and not say a word.  people are counting on you and you must keep being there for them – for the people that pay your bills and for your family.  this is along the lines of never giving up until the last moment when going on is not an option.  this is a big part of life – doing things that you don’t want to do.  if you hang in there and do what you have to do – at the highest level – then all things will come full circle and the days will eventually get better – but only because you did not give up and because you did what needed to be done.  hang in there and do it.


it is true – you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  sure, you can try – but it is not advised.  you can run it through your mind many ways in which you can have your cake, etc. – and you can come up with a solution most of the time.  but in each of those solutions to have your cake, etc. – you inevitably hinder or hurt something or someone else.  it will always be at someone’s expense when you attempt this.  this will burn a bridge, leave a very negative impression and give you bad karma – it will come back around.  so you need to make a choice – the cake or eating it.  don’t be greedy – make a choice and live with it.  the choice you make will always be better than trying to have both.


always have options.  you must have options.  you must think about options.  you must plan for the unexpected or the expected.  keep other options going.  always tell people that you are open to other options.  do not close any doors that could be a possible option.  if you have options, you can then feel more calm – you can feel more at ease – knowing there are other options that you can choose if needed.  never trust anyone 100% except your family and close friends.  if you keep some doubt in your mind about your current situation, then you will create options.  options are good.  options are the keys to long-term success.  options keep your train running – keep you on the path, keep the lights on, keep the family safe.  if you do not have options, start to think about what could be options.  you do not have to proactively search for options.  you just have to keep your ears open – you have to keep your door ajar.  continue to focus on your current work, but also be open to options.  options allow you to move from one lily pad to the next in an easy, seamless way.  have an option, have a lily pad.