it passes quickly

ok–listen to me very closely.  and don’t put this in your cliché file.  live in that moment –turn up the music, have a good laugh, take that first sip of beer or wine very slowly, look out across the ocean, stare at your kid’s face, squeeze those little arms a bit, take it in man, take it in very slowly. it all passes too quickly and before you know it — the game is over!

“doing my best”

really?  well, guess what folks –your best is not good enough.  you need to go beyond doing your best and actually make it happen.  don’t tell me that you are doing your best and here is the result. don’t tell me that bullshit!  you are not doing your best because if your were –then the job would get done and you would go beyond what is expected.  that would be doing your best.  not this BS that i’m doing my best boss and that is what you can expect –doing my best.  impossible!  if this is doing your best, then you don’t know how to do your best.  you have conned yourself into believing that you are doing your best and it is ok to rest now.  that is a con job.  it is what gets you through the day and it is what gets you down the road until you drop dead –with a bullshit smile on your face because you thought you were doing your best.  but if you did do your best, then your life would have been completely different.  you wouldn’t have to adjust your goals to fit your con job.  c’mon people –don’t tell me you are doing your best when you know damn well that you are not doing your best.  and if you don’t know damn well –then you have been conned all your life and it is partly your parents fault for setting low expectations.