be bold always

when you are young, you are bold.  this is obvious.  but you are bold because you are young.  you don’t know that much about life or the world, so you take bold steps naturally.  you do not stop and think –you just do it.  you do it because it is fun.  you do it because it is something different to do.  you do it because it is there to do.  you do it because you have no responsibility to anyone else.  why not do it and experience the world in a bold fashion.  this bold mindset is what can push someone to go off the common path and be different.  it can cause you to make an impact early in life.  it can cause you to make change in the world.  being bold can set you on a bold path in life – it can affect your life dramatically.  but oftentimes, the bold steps we take when we are younger are small bold steps.  they let you experience the world more but do not necessarily change the world in any way.  as time goes on, the boldness dies down and you settle into your life of fixed habits and routine.  this is also the natural way and is the way of self preservation.  but what we miss deep in our soul is to be bold again.  to use the past experience of being bold to still be bold and to still take the bold steps necessary to feed the never-ending desire to make bold change in your life and in the world.  the hardest thing to do when you are older is to keep the boldness alive in your every day life – to keep pushing the limit by being bold.  it is even hard to know that you must continue to be bold to be happy.  so, stop and think about being bold once in awhile.  look and see where you can be bold to keep life interesting.  it is another great challenge in life to be forever bold.  but to live life to the fullest, you must be bold always.  stop the routine right now, right this very minute and be bold.

a boring day

yes, this is something that hits everyone’s mind –and does so quite often as well.  we have boring days –it is a fact.  we all have these days, even if you are in full swing at work or at home – the day can still be boring.  we call it boring because it seems to be a day that includes things we have done over and over – nothing new arises – at least nothing we think significant arises.  this causes us to think  that the day is a waste – that this day doesn’t mean anything in our lives.  we don’t like to think about the idea of wasting a day, since every day gone is one step closer to the end.  however, if you think about that boring day a little more –and you do the thinking on that boring day, you can see that the day does have significance.  it has it in this way.  you need to stop (which is easy on a boring day) –and you need to think about where you are and what you have in life at that moment.  when you do that, you realize that the boring day is actually a reflection of a state of happiness in your life.  you are bored because you have everything you need.  and i mean this on a emotional and human side of things –rather than a materialistic side.  you have the right people in your life and you have the right life on the personal side.  realize this concept and you will accept a boring day more easily –and it will allow you to think that you have not wasted a day.  however, you still want to accomplish more things in life and you don’t want to think that you wasted a day in your journey to have accomplishments.  but, here again, you must realize that life is a marathon and is not dictated by every action in every single day.  the key is to be patient and realize that boring days also are part of the journey to succeed in life.  bottomline: don’t let boring days leave a lasting negative impression in your life and think about what you have more on those boring days.

why i post

i post for 2 reasons:  to think through the main thoughts of life and better understand them  ……and more importantly for my girls.  this will be their guide to life when i die.

a method to my madness

if you want to know my posting process –it is simple.  i only post when a thought comes naturally to my mind, but i do make sure to post at least once a month.  don’t force it –good ideas never are.

sickness clears the mind

i have been in bed for 4 days with influenza.  you know you are suffering when you sweat through 5 shirts in one night.  you know you are suffering when you have a 102 temp for six days straight,  you know you are suffering when you cough a burning hole in your chest for a week. you know you are suffering when you spouse has to tend to your every need for 4 days in a row.  there is only 1 lesson to take away from this –get your flu shot every year regardless of anything else going on in your life.  yet, through all this suffering in the waning days of 2012, there is a blessing that occurs.  your mind becomes clear like never before.  you instantly know where you stand in life with yourself, with your family, with your friends.  you know that every move you make going into each new year are the right moves and that you should not force any moves –life will guide you.  you do not need to fear the unknown of the future –life will guide you through every success and failure.  you do not need to 2nd guess your past actions –those actions happened because they were meant to happen.  friends will come and go and those that stick are meant to stick.  don’t fret over lost friends.  don’t feel guilt that you might have caused the loss.  you can only do what you have to do –what life wants you to do.  we do have a destiny and the sooner we embrace this idea, the sooner your destiny will reveal itself.  even from the flu, good can come.  this is not plain optimism, this is a lifelong embrace of your destiny.  embrace it- don’t fight it.