struggle to appreciate

i have talked about the struggle over and over.  it is always there for all of us.  there is some type of struggle there – rich or poor.  it dominates our mind – in the background – coming to the front with worry, doubt, insecurity.  but what is so beautiful about the struggle is that it makes us better people.  it pushes us more and more towards our loved ones.  it shows us that we are not alone – that we have friends and family – right there in the struggle with us.  it enhances our appreciation for others.  we feel the struggle, they feel the struggle – we have a common bond – getting through the struggle – and it brings us together.  we hug more and hold each other more – we want to help each other through our joint struggle and our individual struggles within the main struggle.  we always wish to be free of the struggle – but in reality we are never free.  we have to be in a struggle to appreciate the good things we have in life.  the struggle gives us an appreciation for what we have – it keeps us grounded.  we especially need this during the tough decades – 30’s, 40’s, 50’s – we need this more than we realize.  if we didn’t have the struggle, we would appreciate less and we would lose what we have.