family memories

all we have is family memories in the early part of our lives.  this is a comfortable time – just you and the family living life together – creating memories together.  but like anything – time goes on and change from this tranquil state happens.  you start to experience life with others outside of your family.  this is a new time period in your life — and one that your family and you have to accept.  it will be hard at first – mostly for your family.  they will have to get used to the idea that you are creating memories without them – your original family.  this is life – and is only the first step you will make – moving slowing away from your family nest to become independent — where one day most of your experiences are not with your original family.  one can only accept this change, knowing that it is part of the natural process – even though it may hurt.  if you are part of the original family – you need to cherish and enjoy the moments when you have them.

conscious change

overall you are good.  you do most things in moderation and this will prolong your life.  but there are some things that you have done all your life and you have occasionally done these things in excess.  in the past you experienced more events in excess -and as time has gone on, you have done these things less – but still in excess sometimes.  they have been habits that have not killed you…yet.  and who is to say that they will kill you earlier than if you never did them.  but there are people around that you love that could be affected by these moments of excess – and this is why you must make a conscious change to stop doing these things in excess.  yes, you only do them 2-3 times per year – but that is 2-3 times too many now.  you are getting older and you must stop these bouts of excess.  it is not good for you or the people around you.  it will end badly if you do not stop.  you need to think and say to yourself, I will make that conscious change – even if it means you will not experience these things anymore.  force yourself to make the conscious change.