you must reform.  everyone must reform to make it all the way.  we go along carelessly for many years and reality finally hits you.  you then must reform your old ways – in every area.  you must make adjustments – you can’t go on recklessly forever – you won’t make it.  we are all forced to reform one way or another – we just don’t realize it.  and when we reform, we also conform, we fall into trusted habits, to survive, to get to the finish line the way we want to – with dignity still intact, with pride still intact, with family still intact.  reform is not a choice, it is forced upon you – as you see the tide rising, the waves crashing higher, the light growing dimmer – you know that you have to change your habits – you see the trouble coming – so you do what human nature tells you to do – you reform, you adjust, you change your ways.  this is not a bad thing – this is a good thing, especially if you can see it earlier – and not too late.  but even if too late, you can still save some face.  in any area of your life where you see troubling signs – start to reform – it is the only answer.