hold your gunpowder

an old expression that even goes back to the days of oliver cromwell – meaning don’t jump into the fight until you are ready. this can also apply to everyday interactions with friends, family and in the workplace. so often we are defensive in our actions – we do not want our ideas challenged, especially ones that we have been voicing for years. but when another person says our ideas are wrong – we jump too quickly to defend sometimes – and when we do – we sound like a jack ass. others might take offence to our quick defensive remarks and see us in a negative light. this is not good and this quick reaction needs to be controlled. but how do we practice the control of these emotions in the middle of a discussion. we must try calming techniques. but we also must recognize that this is happening – we must identify this problem and we must try to adjust our personality a bit to be calm and don’t jump into the action until ready – and only jump in without defensive emotion. it also helps to know your audience before you get involved in a conversation – this will help guide your reactions.