why must we go on

we must go on because it is in our nature.  it is in our nature to never give up, to fight to the finish, to give it all we got, to push through the hard times, to put up with things we don’t want to put up with, to work with people we really don’t want to work with, to see it through the end.  we have to bite our tongues, we have to learn to cope, we have to block it out, we have to smile when we don’t want to, we have to adapt to our surroundings, we have to keep doing what we are supposed to do, we have to just do it.  when you want to quit, when you want to walk out, when you want to give up, when you have had enough – you have to stop yourself and just go on and on and on.  just keep doing what you are doing and good things will come or you will know when it is time to move on – when you have gone on enough.  but for now, keep pushing on, keep going on, keep doing it.  you never know, all your hard work could pay off or it might not.  there is only one way to find out and that is to keep going on.

look in the mirror

before you are about to do something, go look in the mirror.  go find a bathroom and look in the mirror.  when you look in the mirror, look deeper into your eye and look into your soul.  there you will find the courage to do what you have to do in this world to stay alive, get ahead, push further, pass the test, create success, be confident.  look in the mirror and be confident of yourself.

put it all on the table

don’t mess around when it comes to your life.  put it all on the table.  don’t fool yourself into thinking all is going well when it is not.  put it all on the table.  your job is not going well – you know it and your boss knows it.  don’t hide from this fact.  go to your boss and tell him how you feel.  tell him you know that things are not going according to plan.  tell him that we don’t want to waste each other’s time – that life is too short for that and that time & money should not be wasted.  put a deadline down to either turn things around or move on.  this is putting it all on the table.  this is listening to your gut telling you enough is enough – make it happen or move on.  move on to something that will work.  life is not cookie cutter and you must progress and survive any way you know how.  taking the risky job was a statement to yourself that you will take risks and you will go for those opportunities – but it is also a risk to put it on the table and to leave the risky job for the unknown.  these are the times where you will be challenged the most.  you have done this and you have done that – but you must keep going, you must keep taking the risks to get ahead – to have peace of mind in life – to wake up and breath a sigh of relief – that is what you are striving towards – so put it all on the table and keep doing so until that day of relief comes.  and when it does – start all over again.

writing on the wall

you work until the writing is on the wall.  that is how you go about your business.  do not panic.  do not hesitate.  do not fret.  do not 2nd guess.  do not try to assume.  just keep working with your head down and wait for things to tick up or until you see the writing on the wall.  you need to remain calm throughout this process.  don’t stay too long, but don’t leave too soon.  take the emotion out of the work.  don’t get spooked by the behaviors of others.  just keep plugging along, doing the best that you can do, doing the best that you know how to do.  don’t take your foot off the gas because you are in fear – that would be a mistake.  this is a test to see how long you can keep going regardless of the actions of others.  you will know when the time has come.  you will know when the writing is on the wall.  you can take action then and you can prepare for that action when the first signs appear.  this is a good policy to follow.  it will keep you from making rash decisions.  if you wait until you start to see the writing, then you will always be on the right path.  don’t let them take your work ethic, your pride, your dignity, your upbringing away – always maintain your demeanor and always be true to yourself.