live near family

this is one of the keys to life.  you must live near some family.  make sacrifices to live near family.  we are on this earth for a short period of time and as you go through life, you quickly realize that it is family that will stick by you through everything.  yes you have friends and they are good to have – they provide another form of balance – but at the end of the day – you need that family – and you need that family nearby.  why nearby?  so you can experience life with them – so that you can have their support through the big things and the little things.  family enhances life, family makes life better, family gives you a reason to keep pushing on.  if all of your family is dead, then you shift this concept to friends.  but if you have some close family members still alive – pack up and move close to them now.  life is about living in the now while people are still alive – you need to live near them and you need to create memories – otherwise what is the point of living if not with your family nearby.  you might not get along with your family – still not an excuse to not live near them.  why- because if you have kids – it is good for them to live near your family – they need to grow up with some family around.  what is the point of living far away from your family – making more money?  not a good enough reason.  you could be laid off or drop dead tomorrow – where did more money get you? nowhere – because you have no family nearby to help you through the hard times.  get a grip and go live near family – otherwise you will regret it.  way back when – you were young and you loved your family.  because you are older now – does not change that one bit.  don’t judge – just love.  start packing.

mistakes happen

we all make mistakes – we know that.  we might say or do something in the spur of the moment that we could regret later.  we might have made the wrong decision when a friend asked us to do something – and you feel like you didn’t come through for that friend – you let them down by the choice you made.  but at the moment your gut told you to do what you did – you went with instinct – so in effect you were not wrong – but in the process you let someone down.  from that point the only thing you can do is tell your friend that you didn’t mean to let them down – you just went with your gut and maybe you made a mistake.  you have to move on and let the chips fall where they may.  if it is a true friend, then all will be good. if not, then that is the way it goes because if you were to do it all over again, you would rely on your gut and make the same decision.  this is life and mistakes happen – all we can do it accept what happened – try to repair any problems that came from it – and move on.  do not dwell – this was supposed to happen and you are meant to move on.  you are who you are and you can only try to make the right choice in the future – but when you make that choice, you will always make the choice that is in your favor – it is human nature – you can’t go against your instinct when making decisions because if you do – you will not be you anymore – you will be what others want you to be – and in the end we are alone in this world and we have to stick up for ourselves and what we believe is the right thing to do.

keeping someone safe

one of the biggest fears in life is keeping your loved ones safe.  it is different than keeping yourself safe.  you do keep yourself safe by taking the necessary precautions, but you do not worry all the time about keeping yourself safe – as you have some control over that worry.  the one area where you have less control is when you want to keep your loved ones safe.  this is a big worry because you have little or no control, depending on the age of the loved one.  if it is your own children, you can do a good job of keeping them safe when they are young, but you still need to make sure they make the right choices when you are not around – cars, strangers, water, etc.  you have control, but obviously not complete control, so there is a hidden worry in your mind.  as your children grow older, you have less control in keeping them safe – so the worry grows and grows.  you can only rely on others keeping them safe when you are not around and you can only rely on your loved ones keeping themselves safe – like we all try to keep ourselves safe.  so the only way to help keep them safe is to teach them how to be safe from a young age.  don’t freak them out with too many scary scenarios that could happen, but help them understand the safe way to go about life.  yes, they will take risks when they are young, like we all do, – and those we can’t prevent entirely, but perhaps we can guide them to be less risky when taking action that could affect their safety – these are bodily harm risks, not the type of risks you need to take to reach your goals.  so teach them carefully and properly – and hope no harm will come – it is the only thing you can do

friends will come and go

and most of the time there is nothing you can do about it.  once in awhile your mind will drift back to the friends you used to have.  you will wonder what happened with that friendship – why are you not friends anymore.  it is hard to pinpoint what exactly happened.  most dissolve due to inactivity over time – you lost touch as you went down different paths.  we can say this is the natural flow of life – you have certain types of friends in certain times of your life.  sometimes these friendships are not meant to move from one phase to the next.  that is ok – and you accept the fact that you are not close friends anymore – that you might not ever see or talk to that person again.  and the friends that do stand the test of time are the ones you naturally connect with – that think more like you, that want to keep the friendship going, that work to keep it going, that are your loyal friends through thick and thin.  you are lucky to have these type of friends – they are part of your world, they are like family.  but there are always the friends that you used to have that you wonder why you are still not close – is it something that you did or is it something that they did.  you can’t try to pinpoint why – all you can do is accept it and move on.  it is not your fault – it is life.  you may re-connect and if you do, then you know it was meant to be a friendship for the ages,  you can try and reach out but if they do not reach back, then you know.  you cannot force these things – everything happens because it is supposed to happen or not happen.  you must continue on and you must not dwell on it.  do not feel guilty, do not feel like you did something wrong.  this process will always continue – even with the new friends you meet – some will go and some will stay. stop trying to figure it out and stop beating yourself up about it – everything is the way it is supposed to be.