markers are spots throughout your life that you can look back on to remember the good times.  these would be events or trips that you plan specifically to have fun and enjoy life.  the markers are the times when you step away from the every day normal routine and do something that brings a thrill to your soul –putting goosebumps on your skin.  these are times that you will never forget –times that you anticipate with baited breath –times that make you say “wow’!  you know what i mean –it is that girl’s trip or guy’s trip that you make where all daily worries fade away for a few days –where you rip it up and toss caution into the wind –when you stop and smell the roses every minute.  you need these markers in life or you really won’t be living a life.  markers get you through the daily BS –they get you to the next year, the next week, the next day.  make room for marker events in your life otherwise you will live a dull life and die a slow, boring death.  you need markers throughout life and you definitely need them at the end so that you can look back and say “yes”.  get busy planning and living.

peace of mind

look…you go through this life thing –we all do.  it is all we know and will ever know.  we are constantly thinking….about everything.  it is what we do.  thinking is the most important thing in our lives.  it takes up most of our time.  it is what we do more than anything else.  even when you sleep, your mind is keeping you entertained..good or bad.  the mind decides every action you will take.  it decides every move that you make.  it decides everything.  it creates your life.  and it also looks at death.  it knows death is coming and does not know what to do about it.  it doesn’t want death because that is the end of its show.  it likes being in the show.  it likes running the show.  it doesn’t want the show to end.  if the show ends, the mind ends.  so it avoids thinking about death as much as possible.  this is why we don’t talk about death and what happens after we are gone.  but deep back in the far reaches of the mind, it knows death is coming and really does want peace of mind when the time comes.  it is all the mind can ask for, so it embraces this idea.  how does it get peace of mind?  it tidies up loose ends, it showers love on others, it says good-bye to the world in every way.  but, it does not always consciously leave its mark on the world.  it needs a vehicle or a push to do this.  this void in saying good-bye and gaining that peace of mind needs to be filled.  find a way to put down your life history so that you can have peace of mind.  you were here and your mind was here –and your mind did everything for you –making you who you are.  give your mind peace and leave your mark for posterity.  write about your life.

being famous

i think i am reaching a tipping point with this whole famous thing.  i don’t mean tipping point with becoming famous –i mean tipping point in that i think it really is a bunch of BS.  everyone points to famous people and say –wow –look what they have done.  but the reality is these are only a few people in the grand scheme.  we say they are successful, we say they are remarkable, we say they are special.  it is the “we” –the everyone else, that puts them there. why?  we don’t think we could ever do that?  we don’t think that we matter?  we don’t think that what we do is important?  this is the problem with society today.  we focus on these few individuals when we should be focusing on everyone else in the world.  we should focus on the people that fight the wars or the folks that build hospitals and houses or the teachers that help the kids or the individuals that build the roads or pick up the trash.  the point is — it is time to stop the idolization madness that began long ago –and start looking at the people of this world that actually keep things on track.  it is the everyman or the everywoman –it is time history knows about them and what they did in their daily lives to make a difference in this world.  enough of this preaching to the famous BS.


me,me,me,me,me!  why does every thought have to be about me?  ah –it is because we talk to ourselves more than anyone else.  and the topic is usually about what am i going to say next.  you listen to a friend’s story and while they are telling the story, you start to think about what your story is about you on this topic.  it usually starts like this “I….”  it is always “i did this”, etc.  i would say that you need to practice the art of refraining.  in other words –please refrain from talking about yourself all the time.  this will make you more approachable and help you control your words more.  try to refrain –it will create a whole new you.

short temper

why do people have a short temper?  it happens to me all the time, especially with the kids.  who do i think i am to get upset so quickly with my kids, with my co-workers, with my neighbors, with even my friends and my family.  is it because this is a reflection of my own frustrations within my own expectations of my life?  i should be happy.  life is not bad at all. (knock-knock) and yet i still go off the handle for no big deal.  i think this is a sign of my immaturity.  i do try to remain calm, not blab so much.  but i do get hyper and excited about things –mostly for good things happening.  but then i snap in the negative too.  i start to label people –see them as hypocrites –not practicing what they preach, etc.  i should not judge so much.  i should not think so much.  i should not control so much.  i should stop expecting so much from others.  i should just be.  this is a hard way to learn, especially if it goes against your own nature.  it will come with age –that is why older folks are so mellow.  they don’t see the point in going off the handle anymore –it only leads to negativity.  the trick is to learn this before you get too old –so that you can benefit from your early evolution.  so that you can leave a positive impression on the lives of the ones you care about.  yes, evolve sooner.