off to school

it is sad, but you wanted the day to come –strange dichotomy.  you want them to get out of your hair, but then you miss them in the same thought.  when the last one goes off to elementary school, you enter a new phase in your life with your wife.  you had at least one of them around most of the time, but now, after 7 years the freedom begins again.  you get more things done, you start saving and making more money, you get better organized and the last 7 years seem like a blur raising them from cuddly babies to kids with a ‘tude.  they still cling, but not as much, they still whine, but not as much, they still cuddle, but not as much –the relationship has shifted, but if  you did indeed cherish all the key moments with them over the last 7 years –you should be ok.  it is like anything –memories fade, life goes on and you live moment to moment –with new surprises and new things to look forward to. but deep down you miss them –and you miss their time growing up more than you miss your own childhood –you remember their childhood more than your own -crazy how that works.  soon you will remember your grand-kids childhood more than your kid’s childhood –it is coming fast, but not so fast.  take a picture of your kid biking off to school –it will help in the future.

hitting the weights

get in there and hit those bloody weights –i mean make it worth something –you are pissed about something –get in there and take it out on the weights or treadmill or whatever.  the point is every day we come across shit that pisses us off –right?  don’t BS me–nobody is really that damn nice –even if you show it on the outside, even if you are the quietest person –like a fricking mouse –you still get pissed off –we all do!  so get in there and curse like nobody while you pump the weights –tell yourself that you are not going to take that shit, that you will push through and make it happen, that little BS things happen all the time and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  the reality is we only get pissed off because of insecurities that surface during daily BS –and these insecurities push us to the negative of things happening and going on –then we are like WTF and we get pissed.  so get past the insecurity BS and guess what?  the only thing that matters is what you think because we are only here for a few years and people kick the bucket every day –so don’t waste time dwelling when the bucket is coming regardless.  feel better? I do.

cutting the grass

what a pain in the ass! we are trapped by this suburban BS where each week we have to cut the grass and trim the hedges and trim the driveway and weed whack the edges and blow it all into a pile. we sweat like dogs for 2 hours while we do this process over and over –week after week –all to keep up appearances in the hood. this hood is of course the doldrums of suburbia –where you might have a moment once a week to sit down and have a beer to contemplate your existence in this suburban plight. how did this all come about? we once lived a fast paced life out in the real world–and now we live a fast paced life in our own homes –keeping up with the kids, etc –but if you look out the window, you see the slow-paced life of suburbia –an invisible bubble that we are inevitably trapped in until all the kids leave home –then we sell the house and go back to the real world –if you have enough bread to actually do this –can you tell I’m bored? So bored that this post did not come from a spontaneous thought –so actually a boring post–sorry –I see a blade out of place on the lawn –have to run!! (I mean mow)