transition table

in case you haven’t noticed–i am going through a transition. i got laid off in this lovely recession after a great 5 year run at an internet company –so i am unemployed and going through a transition. i got this table i have been working on -sanding it, staining it, sanding again, etc.–i started working on it when i was in employment bliss–completely ignorant of the axe coming to chop me, and at that time the table had little significance. but now, after the chop and the shock and the transition period covering my life now–oh–the table is now a symbol of this transition –i nurture it, i put on multiple coats, i give it much more attention than when i was in employment bliss. this table will help me get through the transition and the transition will help me create a better table –thus helping to create a better life in regards to my next move… go find your transition table –whether it be an actual table or a an exercise program or a blog..