3 times to think

during each day, you need to pause to think, you need to clear your mind so that the answers come through. there are 3 key times during every 24 hours when you can find the answers to all of your thoughts and all of your questions. these 3 times are – when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep – when you exercise, preferably running or walking – and in the shower. during these times, you take your focus off the daily routine – off the daily work – off the daily troubles. your mind becomes clear and void of the usual thoughts – and you can let your mind wander through all of the daily questions that you have about what is going on in your life. you can solve problems, you can solve issues, you can discover new ideas and new approaches to your problems. these 3 times are put into your life to help you listen to your thoughts more clearly – you move past the daily noise. it is a relief and revelation to know that these times exist every day so that you can evolve and progress through life – so that you can ease your mind and know that everything is going to be alright. look forward to these times with joy, relief and excitement – just like you do for every other important event of your daily life. the beauty of the 3 times is if you don’t figure things out the 1st or 2nd time – you can get it solved in the 3rd time. think about this and use these times to solve your problems.