if you don’t have it, you ain’t worth shit.  really folks –if your word is no good, then it is going to be a long road for you.  you must be true to your word.  you must follow through with what you say.  you must not break your word.  you must not scuttle your promises.  if you say it will happen at this time on this day –then, by shit, it better happen…..unless you have a death in the family.  that is the only thing that should prevent you from keeping your word.  because if you do decide to not be accountable for what you say you are going to do –then your life will end up worth no more than a pile of ….   do you get it?  be accountable or be non-committal.  and being non-committal is no way to live a life.  again –another pointless ending.  so take the easy road which is actually the harder road –be accountable.  it will be harder to be accountable, but it will make your path much easier.  comprende?