change is coming.  it is always coming –every day, every week, every month, every year.  and sometimes you know in your gut that change is near –that bigger change is near.  you must not be afraid of this change.  you must realize that this change is meant to happen.  you must not fear what happens when this change occurs.  you must know that no matter what change happens, you are always prepared because change cannot affect who you are –it can only affect what happens to you.  who you are will always stand above the change.  this will help keep you grounded and in control when the change happens.  this will help move you through the change and into the next part of your life –which will come after the change.  change always requires extra work on your part.  you need to think more outside the box.  you need to think outside your routine.  you need to rely more on your inherent survival skills.  your natural reactions to the change will guide you through the early part of the change process –you don’t have to worry about how you will react to change immediately.  change is good because it forces you to grow stronger and to learn new things.  embrace change and do not be afraid.