cherish them

it came to me last night when i pray each night for my loved ones.  i go through the names of all my relatives.  i then realized that there are only 3 immediate family members left that are in the golden age of life.  we need to cherish them in these final years because when they are gone, there won’t be anyone left at that age – only you marching towards that time in your life.  it will come quickly – like everything in life.  you will one day soon be that older person.  you will be the one your younger relatives pray for.  keep praying for them while they are alive so you can know that you have a limited time with them – to enjoy now before it is too late.  pray for them because you will be them soon.  they need you as much as you need them.  they were there for you when you were younger – and now you must be there for them.  it is the right thing to do.  you know it – you just have to do it.  cherish them.