some people you click with and some people you don’t.  it is really that simple.  but we always try to figure out why we don’t click with someone and we try to click with them.  we try to reach out to them, we try to include them, we try to invite them, we try to talk to them, we try everything to click because we don’t want to believe that we don’t click with this person.  we want to be their friend.  we want to get along with them.  we do all of this because we come in contact with them through friends, relatives, etc.  we even blame ourselves for not clicking.  why don’t we click with this person.  what is wrong with me.  i should be nicer, i should try harder, i should talk to this person more.  but the reality is we will never click with this person.  you either click with people or you don’t.  and if you don’t, then move on.  stop trying, stop wasting your time – there is no click, there is no friendship.  it is not your fault.  it is not their fault.  it is no one’s fault.  you don’t click, move on.  get this in your head – you will not click with everyone – it is impossible.  just be cordial the next time you see them – don’t hold a grudge because you didn’t click – they did nothing wrong but be who they are – and they click with other people – but not you.  move on.