don’t sweat it

i am starting to learn that you can’t sweat most stuff in life.  you can spend all of your time worrying about everything.  you can worry about your job, your family, your friends, money, bills, making people happy, etc.  but in the end all of this worrying does not matter.  you can only do what you can do in life.  yes, you can give 110% effort every day.  yes, you can keep trying new ways to reach your goals.  yes, you can never quit and never give up.  you can do all of these things and you will do all of these things – because what else are you going to do – you don’t have a choice – and that is the great thing about life.  by doing what you know is the right thing to do and by putting in maximum effort at whatever you do – then you don’t have to worry so much – because you will survive by doing these things and you will move forward – it is inevitable.  but, will you succeed at everything you do when you put in maximum effort – no, you will not.  if you know this to be true, then don’t worry all the time and don’t sweat it.  you can get right back up and go after a new project/goal – and eventually, you will succeed – by sheer force of your efforts and your persistence – it is inevitable.  so stay the course always, don’t worry and don’t sweat it.