evolution of stupidity

we start off stupid and each day we evolve from this first moment of ground-floor stupidity.  this is called the evolution of stupidity.  we are stupid at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc –but we do become less stupid in each year that we put behind us.  this of course is called gaining wisdom and maturity.  this allows us to stop and think before we blurt out answers or comments.  this allows us to look smarter as we grow older.  this is why older folks appear to answer in a more methodical manner.  they are thinking over the answer or the comment very carefully before letting the words come out of their mouth.  now sometimes they have answers canned and ready to go because they have already done the work of thinking about what is the correct thing to say –so in this case they appear to be quicker in their response –thus they appear, smart, fast and wise –all at the same time.  now that is the position you want to find yourself in –where you have enough experience to have all your answers or comments ready to go –already screened for stupidity –already evolved much further down the path of evolving stupidity.  try to think before you speak –though it is very hard for mental midgets before 50, 60, 70–which is it?  for some, they never evolve –and that is a shame.