get (sh)it done!

what the hell are you waiting for? your ass is against the wall–you need to wake the shit up and make it happen–if you get to noon and you haven’t done squat–you got a bloody problem–put your finger on the keyboard and push it out–make the calls–check off your daily/weekly list–one by one–progress will occur–bit by bit–step by step–from the 30k ft view–change will be seen. you need to send out those resumes, you need to send out those emails to your contacts, you need to make calls to people you know–you need to follow up–never quit, never give up –it is not in your nature to fail–so why the hell are you doing it now–get some cash flowing some way, some how–consult, contract, give plasma–whatever it takes to get the bread–accomplish at least 1 thing on your list each day–then the ball will start rolling down the hill–as mentioned–if you ain’t sick, then you ain’t got any reason not to enjoy the struggle–without it you would be dead