grab the moment

what does this mean?  it means that you are supposed to take in the moment when you realize that you are having a moment.  so this is what you try to do, right?  you see yourself playing with your kids, so you hug them and squeeze them a bit more –to really feel the moment.  you look at them and engage with them more.  you might grab the camera or video and capture the moment –to be able to look back at this moment so that you can hold onto the moment a bit more in the future.  but then the moment passes and you move on to a routine moment of each day –setting the table, having dinner, doing dishes, etc.  these are not the moments you grab hold of.  you then wait for the next big moment to arrive so you cab grab it and capture it again.  this is truly trying to live in the moment –when you take it all in –whether on a cool trip or playing with the kids on a Saturday afternoon –these moments are so fleeting –much more so than the usual moments –you want to be in them all the time, but that is not possible –life goes on.  it is exciting to recognize the moment –but it is sad to see them go so quickly.  keep finding these moments and then string them all together to make your life so that when you look back you see nothing but exciting moments that you grabbed and tried to hold on to.  really, this is all that we will have at the end.