now and later

there are so many things in life that are obvious and so many things that are not obvious.  one thing that is obvious and overstated is that we have to live in the moment- we have to live now and not live for what we want to happen in the future.  this is because we are only capable of living now and we better live now because we don’t know when now will end – and not knowing when now will end only makes living in the now even more important. so with that understanding – I want to put one more layer on top.  it is simply this – live in the now like there is no tomorrow, but still keep your dreams of the future alive – don’t let those hopes/wishes/ideas go – you need them to carry on anyway.  only know that one day your future dreams may connect with the life you are living today.  that connection could happen and then you could feel complete – you could feel fulfilled.  or that connection might not happen, but you could still feel good about the life you have lived because you chose to live for the moment and not live for the future.  so either way – whether you connect the present with the future or you do not – just live for today and the result will still be good.