change and purpose

change occurred today – Trump was sworn in.  there is a feeling now that more obvious changes are coming to America and the world.  i don’t know if that has to do with my age now – and how i can reflect more on life and how i want to know what life is all about.  as we get older, we do start to reflect and we start to ask why are we here – what is our individual purpose here on earth.  is it to help ourselves or is it to help others.  is our purpose not to see how far we can go but how far we can help others go.  everyone’s destiny is predefined – we just need to follow the signals to stay on the predefined path.  this will help eliminate worry and fear.  but we still do not know what we are here for – what we are really here for.  we will only know in the last hours of our lives – we will then know what we did and this will tell us why we were here – individually.  if you as an individual do not achieve “greatness” – then you will help others achieve it.  everyone is linked to some great purpose one way or another.  some are easy to see – like being President of the US.  but for most it is harder to see what great purpose we have achieved.  but it is there and that is why change is there – change is driving all of us to our greater purpose for being on this earth.  you have to know that you are here to achieve a greater purpose.  you have to look deeper and deeper into your life to see the greater purpose that you have achieved.  do not leave this earth thinking that you did not achieve a greater purpose.  you did achieve a greater purpose and if you keep looking, you will see it.  don’t stop reflecting and looking.  change is a way to your greater purpose.

lesson learned

every experience brings a lesson.  that lesson can slowly creep into your mind or it might come in a flash.  the key is to know the lesson learned.  when you wake up one day and say i know the lesson i am suppose to learn from this experience – then all is good.  you then know why you were put in this job or put in this situation – to learn this lesson.  and once you have learned that lesson, your time has been well spent – even if the experience did not end in success.  this experience was never going to end in the traditional definition of success.  but in reality, you did succeed because a lesson was placed there for you to discover and learn from – and if you did discover that lesson and you did learn from that lesson – then you have accomplished your mission for the experience, event, job, etc.  you can then take what you learned from that lesson and apply it to real life – to ultimately make you a better person – to make you understand yourself even more – to understand how to survive and thrive in this world – to help you interact with others in a better way.  if you fail at something, then you were meant to fail – and the main goal was not failure or success – but did you learn the key lesson.  don’t leave the failure behind until you have learned the key lesson and are ready to apply what you learned.  only then will you realize that every experience has a meaning – and that understanding that meaning is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

destiny & instinct

we are all on a path of destiny – there is no doubt about that.  we will be guided along this path as we go through life.  one thing that will help influence this process is your instinct.  as you walk down your path of destiny, your instinct or gut will give you pointers along the way.  some will never listen to these pointers and their path of destiny could be a bumpy road.  but if you do learn to listen to your instinct, your path of destiny can be a better process.  your path of destiny will bring you close to failure or death many times through life – and it is your instinct that keeps you just out of reach of extreme failure or death – if you take heed and listen to your instinct.  there are times where your instinct will give you hints on the same subject over and over – to get your attention to make the right choice – to make your path of destiny easier.  look for repeated signals – and if you see them, then you know that this is the right choice to make in an opportunity that is presented.  yes, we are all essentially walking blind on our path – and the way ahead will never be in clear focus.  but if you trust that you are on a path of destiny and you start to listen to your instinct a little more, then your daily worry can start to fade.  once you reach this understanding about what you are doing in life and why you are doing these things – because you are on a path of destiny and your instinct is there to guide you on this path – then life becomes more enjoyable and your path of destiny becomes more obvious.

meeting by chance

does not happen.  there are no such things as meeting someone by chance.  every encounter is not by chance, it is meant to happen, it is part of your path of destiny.  these could be brief encounters at the post office or sought after job interviews.  the point is – you were supposed to be at that place at that moment –and there is a reason for every meeting.  whether you see someone from long ago or you have just met them for the first time –these are not chance happenings.  these are markers along your own individual path – fulfilling your own individual destiny.  these “chance” encounters are sending you a message or a signal that you must interpret –and that you can interpret usually very easily.  you say to yourself –“yes, I know why I ran into that person today – it all makes sense now”.  each meeting gives you another piece of the puzzle – the puzzle of your life.  don’t be surprised when you come across someone – and that meeting leads to good things or bad things – this is what is supposed to happen.  you must take away what you can from each meeting – that is your job.  learn why you had that meeting and become wiser from it.

when you know, you will know

life can be easy if you live by your gut and instinct.  you don’t have to worry as much, knowing that your gut will guide you. the answers to your questions are always there, waiting to be heard and acted upon.  but in order to use the gut correctly, you need to be patient.  and with patience, you need to understand that life follows a long path –that life is truly a marathon.  this is hard to grasp when you are living in the day to day –it is hard to see the big picture –that every choice you make is all part of a grand plan.  all that we need to do is prepare for each step of the process and then act upon what the gut says at the moment the gut says to act.  if you follow this method – prepare, patience, plan, timing –you will reach your goals and you will know when to act.  if you do not follow this method and ignore the gut, then you will never reach the goals you have always dreamed you would reach.  following this process is also following your destiny.  there is a destiny laid for everyone when they are born, but you have to believe you have a destiny and you have to follow this path of destiny by following the destiny method.  by doing so, when you know, you will know.