close your mouth sometimes

why do you continue to open your mouth in social settings and say stupid things.  this is a problem that we all face.  things just come out when in conversation and then you later think – why did i say that.  you might talk trash about another person or say something that will upset the person you are talking to.  you need to learn to keep your mouth closed and not say everything you are thinking.  i get it – you want to keep the conversation going.  you want to keep the conversation interesting – so you fill it up with things best left unsaid.  foot in mouth over and over.  it is very hard to learn how not to put your foot in your mouth.  but in casual conversation, just tow the line – take the high road – keep it clean – tell yourself over and over – don’t talk trash, don’t say what will hurt others, don’t gossip.  you need to constantly remind yourself – don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it.  you will feel better and you will be a better person.  this is one of the fundamental things in life that we all deal with – but others will start to evolve and will learn not to open their mouth all the time.  on the other hand – don’t be a staring mute with an air of superiority – that is actually worse.  so stay in the middle and learn to close your mouth sometimes.  do it, do it, do it!