we were mean

when you were young, you were mean to people.  yes, we are all nice people and have nice friends.  yes, we had fun growing up, making many friends, laughing all the time.  but guess what –we didn’t please everyone all the time.  we did step on some toes, we did piss some people off.  and this is because our minds were still growing.  we would say things without thinking –and these things would sometimes hurt people.  we acted mean towards others to impress others –this is what high school kids do without even thinking.  so what does this mean?  it means that first we must not hold guilt because we acted this way –we were trying to survive in the high-pressure environment of school –we had no choice but to go with our instincts.  if you see someone from your past that you were mean to –say your sorry –why not.  chances are most people won’t even remember because you are not all they talk about.  but, there will be people that do remember and will always think of you as an ass.  not much you can do about that.  one big thing you can do is talk to your kids –tell them not to be mean to others –because they will –it is human nature.  tell them that hurting others to impress others is not the way to go –be nice and be yourself.  help your kids and help yourself in this area.