keeping someone safe

one of the biggest fears in life is keeping your loved ones safe.  it is different than keeping yourself safe.  you do keep yourself safe by taking the necessary precautions, but you do not worry all the time about keeping yourself safe – as you have some control over that worry.  the one area where you have less control is when you want to keep your loved ones safe.  this is a big worry because you have little or no control, depending on the age of the loved one.  if it is your own children, you can do a good job of keeping them safe when they are young, but you still need to make sure they make the right choices when you are not around – cars, strangers, water, etc.  you have control, but obviously not complete control, so there is a hidden worry in your mind.  as your children grow older, you have less control in keeping them safe – so the worry grows and grows.  you can only rely on others keeping them safe when you are not around and you can only rely on your loved ones keeping themselves safe – like we all try to keep ourselves safe.  so the only way to help keep them safe is to teach them how to be safe from a young age.  don’t freak them out with too many scary scenarios that could happen, but help them understand the safe way to go about life.  yes, they will take risks when they are young, like we all do, – and those we can’t prevent entirely, but perhaps we can guide them to be less risky when taking action that could affect their safety – these are bodily harm risks, not the type of risks you need to take to reach your goals.  so teach them carefully and properly – and hope no harm will come – it is the only thing you can do