keep kids safe

you know –life is dangerous –very dangerous –and it is a miracle that we make it to adulthood.  so, how do you keep your kids safe?  well –you can’t look at every little thing –but you can look at 3 main areas.  It is a simple approach, but you must be vigilant.  3 things to be paranoid about to keep your kids safe — watch out for cars, watch out for strangers and watch out for drowning.  if you can be proactive in these 3 areas –chances are your kids will be safe overall.  oh–and tell your kids about these 3 things all the time –keep them at the top of their mind.  don’t freak them out, but make them very aware. yeah, i know it is simple and obvious –but it ain’t obvious unless you pay attention and let the kids know of these areas. get it?