family business

don’t talk about money or finances all the time – especially at home.  look – you have this business whether you realize it or not – it is called the family business.  it is not the family business definition you know – where a family runs a business to make money in the outside world.  this is the business of running the finances for your family.  you have incoming and outgoing – they go up, they go down.  you have an active budget that needs reviewing and tweaking all the time.  this is your family business.  i am not going to get into the ins and outs of this family business in this post.  i am only going to focus on is when you discuss the family business with your family at home.  for the kids it is good to go over the family business so they have an understanding of responsibility, frugality, etc.  but for the spouse – yes you should discuss the family business on occasion but mostly to make sure bills are getting paid – money is coming in, etc.  you should not talk about the bills, the finances all of the time or everyday.  this will become a burden on the relationship and one that will lead to the ultimate demise of the partnership.  don’t talk about the family business that much – keep it to a minimum – because this will only lead to fights over things that will work on their own as long as you keep working and you keep paying your bills.  stop talking so much!