kissing ass

yeah, you know how it goes.  you kiss ass from birth to the grave –it is the system that moves our society along.  you have to always kiss ass –whether it be kissing your parent’s ass, your boss’ ass, your spouse’s ass, your  kid’s ass, your teacher’s ass, your friend’s ass –in order to get what you want, you have to kiss ass —-what a pain in the ass to have to kiss ass all the time –don’t you agree?  of course you agree –but it really doesn’t matter because if you are not kissing ass at this moment, you are waiting for the next opportunity to kiss some ass.  someone pisses you off, but you can’t react with the first thoughts that come to your mind–you have to react thoughtfully –you have to kiss ass because if you don’t kiss ass, you might lose something you value or something you have to value to keep things on track –like your job or your marriage or your friendship.  whoever came up with this ass kissing society anyway?  wouldn’t it be great if we could just say what we want and not have to kiss ass all the time–always tiptoeing through life, trying not to offend anyone.  but that will never happen because we are such a sensitive species –where mere words can make or break a moment –we hang on our every word –each one counting for a point we are trying to get across.  and there are thought police out there to analyze your every word –so if you say something that is off the main track of ass kissing –you have to retract that word, you have to go live in obscurity the rest of your life.  how dare you not kiss the proper ass!  the ones at the so-called top of the material world are the best ass kissers of them all.  they are smart because they don’t let their own feelings get in the way of their ass kissing.  it is an art form to them and a way to get what they want.  so keep the ass kissing up –so at the end of each ass kissing day, you can take a moment to not ass kiss, to think your own thoughts over a pint –it is that moment that we all live for –the non ass kissing moment.  enjoy!