i don’t care

look – you spend your whole life trying to do and say what you want and not caring about what others think.  you want to make everyone happy and you can try – but only your mind will suffer – and the people you are trying to keep happy won’t even know or care because they are also trying to get to the “not caring” stage of life.  of course you care about your family and friends – but at the end of the day or at the end of life – it ain’t them lying there dying – it is you – and only you and your mind.  but before you get there, you need to live your life and you need to do what you want to do.  tell them “no”, tell them the truth, be straight, be forward, don’t waste time going round and round.  don’t rethink things.  say it and move on.  yes, don’t be rude, but just say it like it is – don’t dwell on it.  you must not care what anyone thinks – time is running out.  if people can’t handle you talking straight to them – then they are not worth it.  it is the test of life.  you let them know – “this is what i think and that’s it.”  they get it or they don’t.  this is the test.  you don’t care what other people think and they don’t care what other people think – then it is a match and it will work.  be straight with them – that is the test.  when you run the test, you get closer to not caring and you know who is with you and who is not.  it is simple to understand but not simple to do.

being famous

i think i am reaching a tipping point with this whole famous thing.  i don’t mean tipping point with becoming famous –i mean tipping point in that i think it really is a bunch of BS.  everyone points to famous people and say –wow –look what they have done.  but the reality is these are only a few people in the grand scheme.  we say they are successful, we say they are remarkable, we say they are special.  it is the “we” –the everyone else, that puts them there. why?  we don’t think we could ever do that?  we don’t think that we matter?  we don’t think that what we do is important?  this is the problem with society today.  we focus on these few individuals when we should be focusing on everyone else in the world.  we should focus on the people that fight the wars or the folks that build hospitals and houses or the teachers that help the kids or the individuals that build the roads or pick up the trash.  the point is — it is time to stop the idolization madness that began long ago –and start looking at the people of this world that actually keep things on track.  it is the everyman or the everywoman –it is time history knows about them and what they did in their daily lives to make a difference in this world.  enough of this preaching to the famous BS.


wake up–you are being bullied!  if someone is intimidating you with their words or actions –you are being bullied.  if you think being bullied is the norm and suddenly your gut tells you something is wrong –then you need to listen to your gut and get out of the bullying situation.  sometimes you are engaged in an activity or sport –and you think that the experiences you are having are normal –but have no clue because it is your first time doing this activity or sport.  then one day a light bulb goes off that something is not right with this activity or sport –you feel fear or a need to be careful –which should not be the case –then you have stumbled upon an unusal situation where you could be under the influence of a bully –or someone that has a big ego and needs to prove this ego over and over.  now, this person on the whole might be a nice person –cracking jokes, etc –but when engaged in the activity or sport –goes beyond the norm –and inflicts pain on you –which is not the norm –then this is a bullying situation or ego pumping situation.  it is then not a controlled situation –and you could get hurt –so get out.  life is too short to hang around bullies.


why do people give excuses before they even review the task ahead of them?  i can’t stand it.  this is the one thing in life that gets to my very core.  what is this natural human instinct to give an excuse?  i don’t understand it.  here is the task, please go do it.  but, we have to do this and this and this to achieve this task –and there is no way we can complete the task in the time alloted.  okay, and your point is?  do you just not want to do the task?  is that what is driving this train of thought?  why do you immediately go to the potential roadblocks?  why don’t you look at in a positive light –that the completion of this task might help your progress?  and then why do i get so upset with these type of answers?  i tend to lose my cool a bit in these scenarios.  i revert to my urge to say –“just do it!”  how do i overcome these urges to bark back at excuses?  this is a tricky road for me to travel as it could hinder my own advancement –by being very direct when I say –“stop the excuses and do the job” –some people can’t handle this approach and want to stick to the excuses –it is their nature and it is then up to the boss to learn how to manage these individuals in a different way–in a way that is not natural to the individual that just wants to get things done and not have to argue through each and every step of the process.  maybe i will just never meld with these types of folks –the ones that look at the negative of everything–that this is too hard and why are we doing this.  maybe these types of interactions will always occur and there is no way around them –I just need to learn how to approach them.  excuses and people with excuses will always exist.

kissing ass

yeah, you know how it goes.  you kiss ass from birth to the grave –it is the system that moves our society along.  you have to always kiss ass –whether it be kissing your parent’s ass, your boss’ ass, your spouse’s ass, your  kid’s ass, your teacher’s ass, your friend’s ass –in order to get what you want, you have to kiss ass —-what a pain in the ass to have to kiss ass all the time –don’t you agree?  of course you agree –but it really doesn’t matter because if you are not kissing ass at this moment, you are waiting for the next opportunity to kiss some ass.  someone pisses you off, but you can’t react with the first thoughts that come to your mind–you have to react thoughtfully –you have to kiss ass because if you don’t kiss ass, you might lose something you value or something you have to value to keep things on track –like your job or your marriage or your friendship.  whoever came up with this ass kissing society anyway?  wouldn’t it be great if we could just say what we want and not have to kiss ass all the time–always tiptoeing through life, trying not to offend anyone.  but that will never happen because we are such a sensitive species –where mere words can make or break a moment –we hang on our every word –each one counting for a point we are trying to get across.  and there are thought police out there to analyze your every word –so if you say something that is off the main track of ass kissing –you have to retract that word, you have to go live in obscurity the rest of your life.  how dare you not kiss the proper ass!  the ones at the so-called top of the material world are the best ass kissers of them all.  they are smart because they don’t let their own feelings get in the way of their ass kissing.  it is an art form to them and a way to get what they want.  so keep the ass kissing up –so at the end of each ass kissing day, you can take a moment to not ass kiss, to think your own thoughts over a pint –it is that moment that we all live for –the non ass kissing moment.  enjoy!