on an island

i am on an island. technically, we are all on our own little islands –in our minds of course.  we essentially live alone with our thoughts. we speak within our own minds–literally to ourselves.  you ask yourself “should i buy this shirt or that shirt” –then you give yourself an answer.  you say to yourself “should i call that person a name” –“no, better not” –once again –having a conversation with yourself.  this obviously happens over and over every minute of every day of your life –thus you live with yourself on your own island.  it will only be you by yourself when you live that last moment of life –telling yourself goodbye.  we drift around bumping into other islands and living with those islands (people) –but when you are lying in bed next to the other island and you say goodnight, you then go back to your island to sleep.  it is strange to think about life this way–i know–but if you think about it –it is quite true.  ask yourself.