work island

for 10 years –wake up, shower, quick breakfast, get in car, drive 1 hour –pay tolls and go through tunnels along the way –finally get to work.  when you arrive at work, you say hello to 10 people, go into your office, work till lunch –with a few meetings in between –saying hello again–see people face to face –work in office after lunch –more meetings, more hellos–a bit of gossip at water tank. get back in car, drive 1 hour–see family, etc.

this is what we call the “rat race” –millions live in it their entire working lives.

stop –enter internet and this process can be changed and is changing –again for millions.  now, more than ever, people are working from home.  no more driving to work, paying tolls, saying hello, seeing people face to face.  you now work on your own little work island from home.  at first you think–“fantastic”–no more BS commute, no more tolls –saving money and time.  this is all true and it is fantastic at first.  but then you fall into the isolation phase –“hey, where is everyone?” –it is just you now and you sit in your home office for 8-10 hrs a day–on your own.  you look outside your suburban window–only trees –no one is there except a few stay at home moms walking the dog.  you go for a run in the hood at lunch –no one there.  you yell out in frustration after a sales call–no one hears you.  you are alone on your work island. 

to make it on the island, you must come to a turning point in your mind –one that will allow you to say–“this is my life now –working from home –and guess what–it is not so bad–in fact, it is great –you see your family more, you save time, money”  but you do need to proactively make the transition in your mind to be successful on the island –make habits out of your new routine –make a new life on your island.