only the music

we all grow up listening to our parent’s music – at least that is what we did in the last century. we still listen to that music – we listen to the old songs – the ones that were there before us or were there when we were young – driving around in the car with mom/dad – the music playing – we took it in without even thinking. we love this music now – especially as we get older. it takes us back to the days without worry or without a care – we see those old images in our mind – we see the old house – the old friends – the old neighborhood. it is so good – it is so true – it is so pure – it takes us away from all the troubles of today – all the bs stress of being an adult. as our parents pass away – all we have left to remember them and remember the times we had with them – when we were devoted, when we were not jaded, when we were innocent – all we have is the music – only the music.