wake up

you wake up one day and you see it – you see the future – you see what you can be – you see what you have been waiting for – you see it all clearly. you know deep in your soul that this is it. you know that the light is on. you know that this was meant to be. sometimes it takes a shake up like a job loss at the right time in your life – not 10 years ago but now is the time – and you know it – and you are not afraid – you are ready – finally. you might fail but you don’t care because you have passion, you have clarity and you have something inside you that makes you feel good, that makes you smile, that makes you not afraid. this is what it means to know that your destiny is here – that your destiny has arrived and you are excited but anxious. anxiety will never go away – whether it is for you or your loved ones – but it keeps you alive – it keeps you guessing – you do not know the future – it is always uncertain – but you do know how you feel now and you know what you are doing is right – what you are doing is your destiny – so get up every day ready to go – excited – anxious – alive – wow is all i can say – i can’t explain it but it feels good. good to be alive and good to finally wake up.