always have options.  you must have options.  you must think about options.  you must plan for the unexpected or the expected.  keep other options going.  always tell people that you are open to other options.  do not close any doors that could be a possible option.  if you have options, you can then feel more calm – you can feel more at ease – knowing there are other options that you can choose if needed.  never trust anyone 100% except your family and close friends.  if you keep some doubt in your mind about your current situation, then you will create options.  options are good.  options are the keys to long-term success.  options keep your train running – keep you on the path, keep the lights on, keep the family safe.  if you do not have options, start to think about what could be options.  you do not have to proactively search for options.  you just have to keep your ears open – you have to keep your door ajar.  continue to focus on your current work, but also be open to options.  options allow you to move from one lily pad to the next in an easy, seamless way.  have an option, have a lily pad.