peace of mind

look…you go through this life thing –we all do.  it is all we know and will ever know.  we are constantly thinking….about everything.  it is what we do.  thinking is the most important thing in our lives.  it takes up most of our time.  it is what we do more than anything else.  even when you sleep, your mind is keeping you entertained..good or bad.  the mind decides every action you will take.  it decides every move that you make.  it decides everything.  it creates your life.  and it also looks at death.  it knows death is coming and does not know what to do about it.  it doesn’t want death because that is the end of its show.  it likes being in the show.  it likes running the show.  it doesn’t want the show to end.  if the show ends, the mind ends.  so it avoids thinking about death as much as possible.  this is why we don’t talk about death and what happens after we are gone.  but deep back in the far reaches of the mind, it knows death is coming and really does want peace of mind when the time comes.  it is all the mind can ask for, so it embraces this idea.  how does it get peace of mind?  it tidies up loose ends, it showers love on others, it says good-bye to the world in every way.  but, it does not always consciously leave its mark on the world.  it needs a vehicle or a push to do this.  this void in saying good-bye and gaining that peace of mind needs to be filled.  find a way to put down your life history so that you can have peace of mind.  you were here and your mind was here –and your mind did everything for you –making you who you are.  give your mind peace and leave your mark for posterity.  write about your life.