i will not care

I will not care
I will be strong
I will change
I will be calm
I will grow up
I will be an adult
I will be nice
I will look beyond
I will not care anymore
I will be free of all this
I will change to save myself
I will not think of these things
I will move on
I will not dwell
I will not care ever again
End of story

stop & free your mind

there is nothing you can do.  stop thinking about everything going on around you.  the funny thing is nothing is really that important.  everything is connected from moment to moment, event to event, experience to experience, interaction to interaction, conversation to conversation, gathering to gathering.  but they are only connections of one thing to another.  you live it and go on.  people don’t think about you and they don’t think about why you did something or did not do something.  they are just there, like you, moving from one thing to another.  at the end of the day, they don’t think about what happened in the past because all that matters is the present and the future and the end.  you will do what you are supposed to do.  so stop thinking about everything and just do it – do what your mind and body will you to do.  free your mind of these thoughts.  walk with a free mind.  don’t force yourself to do anything that your mind does not want you to do.  be natural.  be yourself.  be calm.  stop what you are thinking and free yourself from these thoughts.

every present moment

it is hard to think about time and space and past and future and even present.  we can never go too deep into these concepts and we struggle to find our place, our peace, our happiness.  we can’t grab this moment right now and hold on to it.  we can say we feel happy right now.  we can look at the sky and the clouds and the trees and we can feel the breeze and the sun right now.  we can say we are in the moment.  we can say that and we can enjoy the moment or moments -but then they are gone and we move to the next present moments – some good, some bad.  so it is frustrating that we can’t hold these present moments forever – we only have fleeting moments – just like time – fleeting.  so all we really have is when we look back in time.  when we look back, we see what we had – we see how good things were – even how much fun we had last weekend or on a recent trip.  in the moment, we are there, doing it – we can think it is good, but we don’t know how good it was until we look back.  when we look back, we see instant good memories and we realize – wow, that was good.  like last week was good – but now it is gone.  but the great thing is every moment and every day can become a wow moment.  the good old days always look good and you think it won’t be the same.  but today will look just as good when you look back as the old days look to you now.  it is a crazy dynamic, but one that actually keeps us loving life – it allows us to then know that every present moment is actually a possible good memory in the future – so the cycle is complete and it is ok if we can’t hold on to the present moment – because coming back around to it when we look back is just as good.

no rest

there is no rest.  it is a myth in life.  you think you can rest.  you think you can relax.  you think we work to rest.  you think we get time to rest.  you think we have time to relax.  you think you have time reflect.  you are mistaken.  this is an illusion.  even when you do sleep in, you are still tired.   yes, you sleep.  yes, you do rest when you sleep.  but, you are not conscious so you are not aware that you are resting.  because time is always moving, you don’t have time to stop and rest.  time pushes you along like a treadmill that never stops and that you can never get off until the end.  this is why rest is an illusion.  it is something we tell ourselves that we are doing.  we are resting, but we are really not resting.  it is because of this that we never feel rested.  we search our whole lives for this rest, for this peaceful feeling of resting.  but because time moves, we can never catch up and actually rest.  and we never figure this concept out either.  our mind wants to rest, but the mind is restless too – like time is restless.  so, the only thing we can do is find peace in the little activities that make up the whole of the day.  we can rest while we are working.  we can rest while we are running.  we can rest while we are reading.  we can rest while we are watching TV.  we can rest while we are on the web.  you must find rest in the active moments of the day.  this is where you will find peace.  this is where you can find the answer to rest.  it is in non-stop conscious activity where we can find rest.  understand that and you can understand how to rest.

calm waters

your mind is always racing.  you always overthink things.  you wake up in the night stressing.  you can’t even make simple decisions sometimes.  life starts to push down on you.  you don’t know what is the right decision or what is the wrong decision.  you see people rising up – you see groups gathering.  you allow peer pressure to still affect you – even years after high school.  those dynamics are always there – it is you that has to evolve out of that cycle.  you have to know that only family and a few friends matter.  if you are happy with that – then stop taking your mind down the insecure path.  until you reach the next level of existence – where you know what is important and what is not – you will still have these internal struggles.  while you still go through these struggles – work them all out in your mind and with your loved ones – then go into the world with a calm facade.  the truth is – everyone has to work to be calm in society – to just let things roll naturally.  keep calm on the outside – and the turmoil on the inside will eventually fade.  the rolling internal seas will merge with the calm waters that you keep pushing out to the world – an even flow will emerge for the finals stages of life.

stop and look

go outside.  go outside your office.  go outside your house.  go outside your school.  go outside wherever you are and walk a little bit.  then find a place where you can stop.  go to a shady area if you can.  when you stop, just look as far in the distance as you can.  just stop, look and relax.  just do this for a few minutes.  you don’t have to think of anything at all.  you just have to look into the distance.  move around and look the other way.  then look closer to where you are.  then look down at your feet area.  you might see an ant moving around.  just do this.  just stop and look and relax.  then go back inside and go back to doing what you were doing before.  you need to do this.  you need to take a break here and there.  you need to go outside and just look.  this will help ease your mind from the day’s troubles.  this will help calm your mind.  you can sigh as well.  it always helps to sigh.  stop, look, sigh, – then back to reality.  it will help you get through the day.

when you wake

when you wake in the middle of the night, there is a reason.  the standard reasons are always there – worried, scared, troubled.  but there is another reason for waking up in the night.  it is a specific reason that you must find out.  it is your job to find out why you awoke in the night.  your mind is telling you to look for that reason.  your mind is telling you to wake up and find that reason.  it is ok to wake in the middle of the night because your mind needs you to wake up.  there is something you must remember.  there is something your must solve.  there is something you must find out.  your mind is helping you.  don’t look at waking up in the night as a bad thing.  waking up in the middle of the night is an opportunity presented to you by your brain.  you now have the chance to find out something that will help you.  next time you wake up in the middle of the night – let your mind run over your thoughts.  just lean back and relax – let your mind run – and you will find out why your mind woke you up.  you will then be happy that you found the answer.  you can then go back to sleep.  you can catch up on sleep another time.  you can get through the next day with less sleep.  it’s ok to wake up in the middle of the night.  it is a blessing.  it is a gift.  it is an opportunity.

nothing you can do

you know how things happen all the time.  these are things that come up and cause you worry, trouble, money, fixing, cleaning, etc.  and you know how they never really go away.  you might get a pause here and there.  but then bam!  down goes the fridge.  time to buy new clothes.  you need that new car.  sprinklers broken.  get your nails done.  buy those school photos.  need a family trip.  the AC just went out.  you got stuck with extra tixs to a game.  time to pay for braces.  all that money going to college savings.  the water bill jumped up.  new tires for safety.  you went over your monthly data plan.  halloween costumes.  spring break coming up.  buy that gift for another bday party.  the unexpected wedding invite – write that check for the new couple.  you have always fretted about all of these things that never seem to end.  but then one day you realize that they never will end until your final day here.  so what is the point of getting upset.  just accept it – now that you realize it – and your life will be easier.  you will lose less sleep.  there is nothing you can do, so relax and accept this fact.  clear your mind for other things.

be calm

always.  being calm is a state of mind.  being calm is a way of life.  being calm is one of the hardest things to master in life.  one might never reach a state of complete calmness, but one should always strive to reach this state.  even when you are striving you will practice being more calm.  to remain calm under all circumstances is to allow the events play out in life they way they are meant to be played out.  to remain calm is to admit that your destiny is already planned and that to remain anything but calm is a mistake that you must try to correct.  you must be calm in the storms of life.  no matter what goes on around you, no matter how hopeless things can seem, no matter if you appear to be going nowhere, no matter if you doubt what you are doing, no matter if you don’t understand why things are happening or not happening the way you thought they would happen – you must remain calm.  you must think about this all the time so that it becomes second nature.  you must keep moving and you must remain calm while you keep moving through life.  to be calm on the inside will allow you to appear calm on the outside.  others will approach you and they will try to upset your state of being calm.  this will be the main challenge to your efforts to remain calm.  you must then be as calm as you can ever wish to be.  you must take things in stride and trust the bigger picture that is in motion.  it is easy to remain calm when you are alone in a room.  the hard part is to remain calm when others come into your orbit.  if you can remain calm when challenged by others, then you can get closer to the state of complete calmness.  practice being calm and be ready for the challenges to come – because they will come.  your state of being calm determines your whole direction in life.


nothing beats the quietness of night when the house starts to shut down for the evening – when the lights start to dim – when everyone starts to settle into their beds – when the dog is passed out on the floor.  you walk around the house turning off the lights, putting on the dishwasher – feeling very peaceful about life – no worries at this time – you settle into your covers with your pillows fluffed – and you watch a few shows – and your mind drifts away from all the worries of tomorrow – when everything in your house is peaceful and you just see the glow of the appliances and the clocks in the kitchen.  this is one of the best times of the day – the best times of life – you feel at ease – you feel comfortable in the quietness of the moment.  life is ok for a moment.  this is another one of life’s simple pleasures – these are the little things that matter – the only things that really matter.