stop and look

go outside.  go outside your office.  go outside your house.  go outside your school.  go outside wherever you are and walk a little bit.  then find a place where you can stop.  go to a shady area if you can.  when you stop, just look as far in the distance as you can.  just stop, look and relax.  just do this for a few minutes.  you don’t have to think of anything at all.  you just have to look into the distance.  move around and look the other way.  then look closer to where you are.  then look down at your feet area.  you might see an ant moving around.  just do this.  just stop and look and relax.  then go back inside and go back to doing what you were doing before.  you need to do this.  you need to take a break here and there.  you need to go outside and just look.  this will help ease your mind from the day’s troubles.  this will help calm your mind.  you can sigh as well.  it always helps to sigh.  stop, look, sigh, – then back to reality.  it will help you get through the day.