this is a problem that everyone has from time to time. our minds have the ability to go deep into complex thought, which is natural for the human brain. the brain allows us to wander down very complex paths of thought – but as we go down that path, we also try to explain each part of the concept that we are formulating – so that the exercise is not wasted – and can actually be used to help us understand these complex thoughts. the problem is the further we take the idea and the further we do down the path of thinking – we also start to lose our ability to articulate these thoughts in a understandable and meaningful way. basically, our minds go deeper than what we can fully comprehend sometimes – or even though we may comprehend the idea or thought – we have a hard time explaining these deeper thoughts (case in point right now – with me trying to explain this concept in writing). however, it is good to think deeper – and it is a must to keep pushing the boundaries of our minds especially when looking at all of the key questions of life. so, we should think deeper and we should try our best to articulate those thoughts to ourselves and to others because any progress or new realization is worth it. however, we need to invent a way to help us articulate our thoughts better. if not already being done on a higher level to solve large problems – we also need to bring this assistance to the masses

social pressures

why can’t we ever escape the social pressures of life.  from youth to old age – social pressures exist.  they don’t change and they don’t go away.  there is always a constant reminder of social standing, social groups, social inclusion, social exclusion, social ups, social downs – everywhere we go and everywhere we look – social pressures are occurring.  you can’t escape these things – good or bad – unless you become a hermit and leave the social scene.  other than that – you have to clear your mind, you have to not let these trivial things affect you.  yes, you still need to be social but you can move past any grief that social pressures cause.  this is a battle in your mind.  you have to convince yourself that these things don’t matter in the grand scheme of life.  you have to be happy with the choices you make.  you have to understand that if you have less desire to be social, then less social activity will come your way – and vice versa.  also, if you decide to stand against social pressure, then keep that stance – don’t back track or waiver.  life is about choices and choosing which choices are most important to keep your life going the way you want it to go.  if you have to spend more time working, if you want to spend more time with your family, if you don’t feel like doing the extra work to gain new friends – then do all of these things to make the life you want to live.  forget about what others are doing, forget about what others are saying – these things do not matter at all.  what matters is living with your mind free of these trivial issues – which are not even issues at all – they are roadblocks put up in your own mind – preying on your own insecurities – making you feel bad – about really nothing at all.

addicted to tv

you know you are and if you are not –then get yourself a damn medal because if you are under 50 and don’t watch tv then you have escaped one of the greatest addictions of all time. hey, i know it is not necessarily a bad thing to be addicted to tv –you need that fix where you don’t focus on the BS going around in your world –whether it is those screaming kids or that pain in the ass boss –you have to get away sometime and tv is the cheapest and most available way to get away. the problem is that you get hooked on certain shows and these shows go on for years –they hook you and you are running to watch them each week –plus when one show ends for the year, there is the next addiction-laden show around the corner. you can only break a part of the addiction when a show ends forever –like Lost –i was hooked and now i am free –but lurking in the early summer days is another one ready to hook me. i do need to break away altogether, but still catching up on my DVR stuff –it is like an obligation to watch what you have recorded –that is the only way to free up space on the dvr –right?? anyway–you and i are screwed–we will keep watching and keep wasting away hours that we could have spent inventing the next frisbee -or reading books and gaining knowledge –but screw it –we are only on this dust ball for a few years –might as well kick back and watch tv –gotta run –housewives is on (well, on the dvr)