the scare

we will all experience the scare at one point in our lives.  this is the moment when you think a loved one could be in danger of dying.  this falls along the lines of the cancer scare, which almost always is just that — a scare.  it is never usually the real thing.  your loved one goes through tests and there are days/weeks of worry.  you pray each night extra hard for this person, especially if this person is your child.  if it is your child, then you are in the darkest scare of all.  you want to give your life for your child.  you don’t want to think about life without your child.  you think about how everything will fall apart if something happens to your child.  there is no way you can go on with your life if something does happen to your child.  in your prayers, you make big promises to give up things to save your child.  through all of this, your mission in life becomes very clear.  you see that it is your family that is most important and not all the superficial things in life –money, power, success, material objects.  these matter nothing if a child is lost.  so, you must learn from this scare,  you must keep the clear thoughts that happened during the scare –at the front of your mind.  you must move away from these things in life that do not matter at all.  you must focus on the things that do matter, which is helping your family thrive, which is enjoying the moments you have with your family, which is showing your family how to see clearly too.  you are lucky it was a scare this time.  don’t waste anymore time before the next scare becomes real.  learn from the important lesson of the scare.