you must be content

you must be content with what you have.  you must not wish for the greener grass.  you must stop wishing for anything.  this is the only way you will actually achieve your dreams.  if you wish for love, you will not find it.  if you wish for success, you will not find it.  if you wish for wealth, you will not find it.  stop looking for anything and work on being happy with what you already have – love, family, health, etc.  if you look around, you will see that you are blessed in many ways.  you will never receive beyond what you have until you accept and appreciate what you have.  it is hard to stop wanting more – as this is human nature – to take as much as you can – to get as much as you can – to want what others have.  but you must stop this thinking ASAP.  force yourself to appreciate what you have.  do this and all your wishes and dreams will come true

no rest

there is no rest.  it is a myth in life.  you think you can rest.  you think you can relax.  you think we work to rest.  you think we get time to rest.  you think we have time to relax.  you think you have time reflect.  you are mistaken.  this is an illusion.  even when you do sleep in, you are still tired.   yes, you sleep.  yes, you do rest when you sleep.  but, you are not conscious so you are not aware that you are resting.  because time is always moving, you don’t have time to stop and rest.  time pushes you along like a treadmill that never stops and that you can never get off until the end.  this is why rest is an illusion.  it is something we tell ourselves that we are doing.  we are resting, but we are really not resting.  it is because of this that we never feel rested.  we search our whole lives for this rest, for this peaceful feeling of resting.  but because time moves, we can never catch up and actually rest.  and we never figure this concept out either.  our mind wants to rest, but the mind is restless too – like time is restless.  so, the only thing we can do is find peace in the little activities that make up the whole of the day.  we can rest while we are working.  we can rest while we are running.  we can rest while we are reading.  we can rest while we are watching TV.  we can rest while we are on the web.  you must find rest in the active moments of the day.  this is where you will find peace.  this is where you can find the answer to rest.  it is in non-stop conscious activity where we can find rest.  understand that and you can understand how to rest.

new achievements

a funny thing happened on the way to my death – i discovered new things to do and i discovered new achievements and i discovered new feelings of satisfaction.  wow, life is certainly full of surprises – and we all start to know that fact as we grow older.  but, we also start to think that we should never be surprised by anything – as we see more and more things happen that we were not expecting.  from the world view, this is true – we see triumph and tragedy every day in different ways – so we become used to the unexpected.  but, on a personal level, in our own lives, we can still be amazed, wowed and excited.  we all get into our daily routines, our daily interactions, our daily exercises, the sports we are used to playing, doing, etc. – and we don’t think about trying something new – we are content in our routines.  but on a rare occasion we try a new sport or a sport we used to play as a kid.  one thing leads to another and we find ourselves on a team for this sport – mostly for the camaraderie, the friendship aspect.  and this provides some new experiences, some new connections.  but then we find ourselves in a competitive game and we find ourselves digging deep to compete and possibly win this game – with our teammates – and when we do win a tight game – with a renewed effort, a renewed vigor – we feel a new type of satisfaction that we have not felt in awhile – it is a rush – it is a thrill – it is something we were not expecting and it makes life richer and fuller – and it reminds us why we are on this earth – to live!  so if you feel something or someone pulling you in a new direction to get involved in something new, something renewed, something positive – say yes once in awhile – you might be surprised that there is something beyond the routine – that there are moments of exhilaration that you don’t want to miss out on.