a reason

every person that is put into your life is there for a reason.  you have to look at life this way to keep your mind on track.  you have to understand that a person is put there to test you, to challenge you, to push you to go further, to help make you evolve, to put you in uncomfortable situations, you make you try your best, to prove yourself, to force you to do what you wouldn’t normally do.  you must think this way – there is a reason that person is suddenly in your life – whether at work or in a social environment – there is a reason and it is a good reason.  if you think this way, then you will not get frustrated and you will begin to see what you can learn from this person being there – from this person who does or says things differently than you – a person that you instantly want to dislike because they bring out your insecurities – they test your usual confidence.  it is up to you to find out why they are put there and what you need to learn.  they might be the catalyst to make a big change or they might just be there to help you reach your greatest heights.  think this way – that there is a reason and it is for your benefit – and you will make progress and you will not be frustrated.  i know it is a big task to open your mind to this concept – and you will have to force yourself to think this way – but it is the only way to move forward.  think about this – you are placed into their life to help them as well – every interaction has a mutual reason.