lower your voice

i need to stop raising my voice to my children.  i need to stop yelling.  i need to make a change once and for all and get a grip on my emotions – and not raise my voice.  if i don’t get a grip and i keep raising my voice – it could have a lasting negative impact on my relationships with my children.  i need to make the change – not them.  i need to be the maturing adult and see what i have to do to make things better – and lowering my voice when speaking to them is one of those changes.  it is difficult to make this change – but you must keep at it until you have mastered the art of lowering your voice.  and if you do raise your voice, you need to apologize for doing so.  99% of your comments to others do not require you to raise your voice.  start practicing lowering your voice – it can change a life.